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The 2005 North American Trumpeter Swan Survey
Scroll down under "Migratory Bird Status and Conservation" to access a large pdf file

The 2000 North American Trumpeter Swan Status Report

Trumpeter Swan Account, Avian Web

Trumpeter Swan Account, National Audubon Society WatchList

Trumpeter Swan Account, Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter - search the site for "Trumpeter Swans"

Trumpeter Swan Account, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

USFWS' Focal Species Strategy for Migratory Birds

Pacific Coast Population


Alaska Trumpeter Swan Survey

Blind Slough Swan Viewing Area

Copper River Delta Important Bird Area

Feeding Ecology of Trumpeter Swans Breeding in Southcentral Alaska

Swan Account, Alaska Department of Fish and Game Wildlife Notebook Series

Trumpeter Swans on the Kenai Peninsula


Trumpeter Swans records in California

Trumpeter Swans in California other observations


Malheur National Wildlife Refuge


Get Lost Magazine - Swan-watching in the Skagit Valley

Lead Poisoning of Trumpeter Swans in the Pacific NW

Trumpeter Swan Account, Seattle Audubon

Rocky Mountain Population

A Decision Support System for Trumpeter Swan Management

RMP Trumpeter Swan Account, NBII

RMP Trumpeter Swan Implementation Plan, 2002

RMP Trumpeter Swan Range Expansion Program

RMP Trumpeter Swan Survey Archives


Harriman State Park

Trumpeter Swan Status - Idaho Department of Fish and Game


Flathead Valley Trumpeter Swan Restoration

Montana Wetlands Legacy - Blackfoot Valley Trumpeter Swan Project

Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge - Trumpeter Swan Page

Trumpeter Swans Montana Fieldguide

Trumpeter Swans Prepare for Migration


Wyoming Game and Fish Trumpeter Swan Conservation Strategy

Wyoming Wetlands Society

Wyoming Wetland Society Canadian egg collection

Yellowstone National Park Trumpeter Swan Facts

Interior Population

Conservation Assessment for Trumpeter Swan (2002)


Magness Lake, Heber Springs - a growing wintering location for Midwest swans

Trumpeter Swans Released in Arkansas 2009


Iowa State University - Trumpeter Swan Restoration Committee

Iowa Trumpeter Swan Restoration

Iowa Restoration Facts


Seney National Wildlife Refuge

W.K Kellogg Biological Station Bird Sanctuary


A Tribute to Glider

Trumpeter Swan Restoration - Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Three Rivers Park District - where our TTSS office has been located since 1968

The Swan Lady of Monticello, MN

Wintering Trumpeter Swans - Monticello Chamber of Commerce


Ohio Trumpeter Swan Reintroduction Project

Ohio's Trumpeter Swan Restoration and species information - Ohio Division of Wildlife and Cleveland Metroparks Zoo


High Plains Flock Status Assessment

Lacreek National Wildlife Refuge

Technical Conservation Assessment


Trumpeter Swan Factsheet --Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas

Wisconsin Restoration Program (from The Why Files)

Atlantic Population


Trumpeter Swan Migration Experiment in Maryland Status Report - December 1998


Swan Identification in Upstate New York


Environmental Studies at Airlie Swan Research Program